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About Nomadic Rigs

We are a camper van conversion company based out of Northern Colorado with a passion for creation and adventure. We decided that one of the best ways we could bring our passions together was by creating Nomadic Rigs. A company that is driven by creative and adventurous individuals who want to see people getting out there and experiencing the fun in life wherever that may be. 

Nomadic Rigs is a family operated business. The founders Zach, Will, Adam, and Cody are all brothers and cousins. Growing up we all were very close and even lived on the same street. We had bright imaginations and you could usually find us outside somewhere. As Zach and Adam grew up, they started to become heavily invested in the overlanding community and industry. Their passion for vehicle exploration lead them all around the west in their Jeeps. Cody and Will have extensive knowledge and experience with remodeling homes and commercial spaces. Together we thought that this, along with several other skills that we have, would create the perfect team for Nomadic Rigs. 

Our ultimate goal is to provide people with a product that they can take out and go just about anywhere with, whether you decide to make it your fulltime home and fully immerse yourself in the nomadic lifestyle or just as a weekend adventure rig to get you to your outdoor destination.

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